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Cultour Box is an evolution of Cultour Mall: moving from an open-space layout to a real miniature museum, a contained non-invasive space which perfectly fits into the surrounding environment, and which allows for vigilant management of the entrances and of the maintenance, as well as greater control over the materials exhibited. The experience inside the Cultour Box will be completely autonomous: in fact, there will be no need of anyone present to welcome and guide the visitor, since the layout and organisation of the space itself will provide everything necessary.

Cultour Box will house temporary exhibitions, making it possible for the visitor to explore a great variety of topics, and thus maintaining high interest on the part of the customer during the visit. In addition, it can be the factor which triggers off the organisation of a series of collateral events such as didactic visits, events, conferences.



The supply of a Cultour Box complete with projections, structure, fire-proof finish, electrical materials, multi-media tools.

The supply of Cultour Active® certified videos and interactive contents

The supply of Cultour Active® certified panels with fixed content video and interactive contents

General secretarial, organisational and didactic services



Coordination of the scientific and didactic assistance present (Egyptologists, archaeologists, tourist/didactic guides, workshops, etc.)

The supply entry/exit control systems by means of shopping centre cards or controlled entry on payment of the entrance fee.

The measurements of the individual cultour boxes are indicative and may be modified during the design phase. A Cultour Active® product. Other Cultour Active® formats designed for shopping centres.